As a reputable licensed trust office, we are a gatekeeper of the integrity of the Dutch financial sector.

We are aware that trust offices are vulnerable to misuse of their services for money laundering, the financing of terrorism and other illegal purposes. We also recognize the dangers inherent in international corporate structures which allow ultimate beneficiaries to remain anonymous. Because we take our role in upholding the integrity of the Dutch financial sector seriously, in order to manage the integrity risks associated with our provision of trust services we therefore have strict procedures for the acceptance of new clients and our other activities. These are set out in our Procedural Guide.


Our view of corporate social responsibility goes beyond simply operating with honour and integrity. In line with the Holland Quaestor guidelines, we apply the following definition of CSR.

“Corporate social responsibility is performing our services in an ethical manner in the interests of the environment, the social environment and the economy. CSR policy pertains primarily to our core processes, in which context we also take responsibility for our role in the chain. This implies that we maintain relationships with relevant stakeholders on the basis of transparency and dialogue, and provide answers to justified questions from society.”

We are well aware that we have only a limited say over the global environment, the economy, corruption and human rights. But what does lie within our sphere of influence are our own activities and our policies with regard to the clients we work for and the people we employ.